Behind the Mixer: Being a Wedding DJ

If you were do ask someone, “What is the job of a wedding DJ?” most people would respond that it is to entertain guests. While this is correct, there is much more to being a wedding DJ. A wedding DJ’s biggest job is to implement the vision of the wedding couple by creating a fun dance mix that brings all the guests to their feet and makes the celebration memorable. Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience, so having the right DJ can make couples feel assured that their special day will be perfect. The initial meeting is crucial for hiring a DJ who can add the personal touches to your day that will make it meaningful to you. The emotions for a wedding couple can range from eager anticipation to feeling completely overwhelmed. Usually it is helpful to think through how you want your wedding day to feel like. What is the theme of your wedding? How can the music support this theme and get your guests feeling comfortable? As a professional and experienced wedding DJ, it is my job to guide you through the process of selecting music. Remember that hiring a DJ means that there will be a mixture of planned songs and spontaneity; you will need someone who can play the songs you love, while also making sure to respond to the needs of your guests. If you’re not sure what music you would like, it’s often helpful to look through the popular wedding music lists provided by your DJ to give you some ideas. Remember a good DJ is there to focus on bringing your dreams for your wedding to life in the music!

Preparation and Communication: Constant preparation and communication is a key ingredient to ensuring you get exactly what you are looking for from your wedding DJ. You should schedule at least one meeting, preferably in person or via online or phone communication, before your wedding. Before you meet with your DJ, discuss with your fiancé the styles of music you would like to include or if there are any songs you want on the Do Not Play list. After the first meeting, most communication will be done via e-mail or phone conversations,however if you have additional ideas or major changes to your wedding playlist you may want to schedule a second meeting. You should expect communication with your DJ on a regular basis until your event. Remember you are the stars of your day and DJs are the musical directors.

Providing a lasting memory: A DJ’s goal for every wedding is for audience members to say, “that was a spectacular wedding!” All DJ who play at weddings,proms, and parties should aim for creating a memorable experience. Each event you play should be different and the music should reflect this. It’s crucial for each member of your event to appreciate the experience of being there and to create fond memories. An experienced DJ can really make your event one that stands out.

Adaptation and Spontaneity: These are two of the most important skills that a DJ should possess. As a DJ planning for a set can take hours, however, sometimes you might plan for a set and the mood and tone of the event is total different from what you originally presumed. This is when your daily practice and years of experience will come in. In situations like these you always have to go with the flow and observe the mood of the crowd. Some DJ’s feel the need like they need to take center stage; these DJs will play music just because they spent hours planning the layout of the music, but ignore the needs of the crowd. As a DJ it’s important to think about the making the experience take center stage and put personal preferences aside. All DJs should realize that there are times when you will need to make adjustments to your set in response to your audience’s preferences. The point of performing at an event is not to hear yourself play, but to entertain and satisfy the needs of your audience.

End on a Positive Note: Always stay positive and professional. The DJ is providing a service and it is important to recognize that each DJ must do his or her best to satisfy their customers. Read carefully through the contract and make sure you understand the responsibilities of hiring a DJ. It’s best to clearly outline circumstances ahead of time as well as the timeline for payment. Setting clear expectations and goals for your event can make everyone’s experience better!


Good Friends are Like Family.

Everyone knows that music can make or break a wedding or prom, and that a good DJ makes all the difference in the world. But what about for something a little outside the box, like a family gathering or a fundraiser?

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a fundraiser for a good friend’s sister. She had been diagnosed with late stage cancer, but according to my friend, she was in good spirits but just needed some financial support to get through the days. I watched as our little town pulled together to donate food, drinks, desserts, silent auction items, even the adorable rustic barn space where the party was held was donated. DJ Shamar was on hand to provide music for the evening – also donated.

It was an event that celebrated life, love, friendship, and family, and though it could have taken on a very dark mood given the prognosis of her illness, my friend’s sister shone like a beacon at that party. One could see her spirits lift through the hugs of friends and family, and even from those who had only just met her that evening. The silent auction, donations at the door, and an online campaign yielded just over $5000, and we were able to provide, in that short evening, a way to lift the financial burden that had weighed heavily on her heart.

My friend’s sister, herself incredibly caring and generous, was able to enjoy a carefree, wonderful evening in a beautiful atmosphere only made better with the right combination of music, food, friends and family.


How To be a Good Wedding Guest

We all have that one friend we hesitate to put on the guest list. The one that you loved to dare to dance on tables, the one that you had to drag out of the bar before he got sick, the one who spun old ladies on the dance floor only to drop them.Secretly, we hope we never have “that guy” as a guest at our wedding.

Here are a few pieces of advice from experienced wedding guests:

  1. Good wedding guests don’t grab the mic during the maid of honor’s speech. I don’t care how good your Lionel Richie impression is and “how much the groom would want me to do this right now,” do not do this.

  2. Good wedding guests keep the dance floor going. There is a reason your friends getting hitched hired a good DJ. Bring out your shopping cart, sprinkler, and YMCA human lettering.

  3. Good wedding guests do great things in the photo booth you’ve hired. Some of the best wedding photos come from people getting together to take great pictures in the photo booth. And the photographer knows well enough to edit out the ones of Uncle Carl lifting up his shirt to show his belly button ring.

  4. Good wedding guests take pictures of the bride and groom that the photographer might miss. Stealing kisses in the hallway before being introduced, quiet moments together at dinner – some of the best wedding photos have come from friends who have caught the bride and groom while the photographer was on break.

  5. Good wedding guests don’t ask to bring more guests. This is a major sticking point. If your invitation doesn’t indicate a plus one, or doesn’t include your daughter’s best friend, don’t invite him/her along. That’s just inconsiderate.

  6. Good wedding guests make sure the bride and groom eat. When we got married, we were so busy talking, socializing, dancing, or taking pictures, we forgot to eat! I’ll never forget how grateful I felt when my girlfriends handed over a plate stacked with all the apps from cocktail hour – we’d missed all that food taking pictures!

  7. Good wedding guests bite their tongues. Even if you don’t like the dude your girlfriend is marrying, do not pick their wedding day to let them know. This also relates to #1.

  8. Good wedding guests go with the flow. Seated at a table with strangers? No problem. Only single person invited to the wedding? Go with it. DJ not feelin’ the crowd? Help the dude out and request a song you know will get the party poppin’. You can help improve your own situation in the face of wedding “adversity.”In short, don’t be “that guy” we can’t put on our invite list. Be the guy everyone wants at their wedding! There’ll be more parties and great food in your future!


What Makes a Great DJ

What Makes a Great Wedding DJ

One Wedding Guest’s Opinion

I’ve been to my fair share of weddings. I recall one summer in particular when we had a wedding every weekend from July to September. That happened to be the year my then-fiance and I spent planning our own celebration, so we paid particularly close attention to detail in conducting our own “research.”

While I had thought all along that a band was the way to go, he was adamant that a DJ would be the key to getting the party going. The price tag was much kinder than the live bands, and because our guest list was growing and our budget was shrinking by the day, we decided to do some research on DJs. After careful field research and considering many possibilities, I have to concede that we made the absolute best choice, and our DJ made our wedding something our family and friends still talk about, almost ten years later!

Here is one wedding guest’s opinion on what makes a great DJ:

1)    Flexibility. A great DJ needs to be able to read the crowd and keep the dance floor going. A given, you might think, but it’s not an easy task and some DJs do not do this well. I highly recommend going to see your prospective DJs in action, at another gig or wedding if possible. That’s where you’re going to get the best sense of how your party is going to go.

2)    A good listener. Good DJs honor requests on the fly, great DJs anticipate requests by reading the room, and paying close attention to the requests of the bride and groom before the event. I knew I didn’t want my father-in-law near the microphone at any point during the party. Our DJ knew he was not allowed to play my father-in-law’s signature song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” and I knew I didn’t want my guests doing the Chicken Dance. Great DJs take the time to listen to your needs, and know when to throw on another 80’s classic and keep the party rocking.

3)    Selflessness. A great DJ knows that the party is not about him, and never will be. I can’t tell you how many weddings I went to where the DJ grabbed the mic and tried to take over the party and make it about him. No thanks. A great DJ pays attention to what works and what doesn’t for you, because your happiness is important.

4)    Enthusiasm. Generally, guests get turned off when DJs are rude, inconsiderate of their requests, and have an attitude. This goes without saying that the best DJs are the ones who have the most love for what they do.

A DJ can make or break your party. Make sure you spend the time to find the right one that works for you!

5)    Attire and presentation. DJs with light-up vests, cardboard cutouts of themselves, or seizure-inducing light presentations should probably be avoided. They may be rare, but they do exist.

Blogger: ML


Halloween At The Kingswood Golf Club-#Wolfeboro

The Wolfeboro Nursery School held their yearly Halloween dance party at the Kingswood Golf Club. The many costumes at this party were phenomenal and fun. From the Egyptian couple to the Gorilla and Banana couple to the princess in the white dress. All these costumes were realistic and well- done.

The party started with warm-up tunes from Flume and Chet Faker. It did not take long for us to start high-intensity dancing. This crowd was fun to DJ for they loved to dance and loved to have fun. They are a positive bunch who dances the night away. Some of the dance moves on the dance floor were nothing but awesome. People requested the songs that they loved and then got in the middle of the dance floor and danced to their requested songs. People were moved by the music and they showed it by being on the dance floor all night.

The most requested and biggest song of the night was Macklemore's Downtown. Nearly the entire party was on the dance floor when this song was played. Everyone knew the words and everyone knew the dance moves. People absolutely went crazy when this song went on. This song was such a big hit that I played it twice and the party was fired up both times. 

All in all this Halloween party was dynamic and the costumes and people's positive attitude were my favorite part of the night. It is always nice to do parties with awesome people, who loves to party and loves to dance.

DJ Shamar L.L.C-Blogger


New Hampshire DJ-General Wolfe Barn WEDDING (Kayla & Tim)

On October 3rd, 2015 at the General Wolfe Barn in Wolfeboro, NH,  Kayla and Tim tied the Knot. Dj Shamar said both individuals are outgoing, laidback, and even-keeled. The set up of the Barn was elegantly quaint.  

The music for the wedding started off with classic jazz, featuring Artist like Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Norah Jones, Michael Buble and more. People started trickling in as schedule. The tables and space in the barn were well organised, so even though there was a lot of tables and chairs people moved around easily and it seems like all the tables were readily accessible. 

After the dinner music came the dancing music, there was a selection of music that immediately had everyone on the dancefloor. People were doing group dances and everyone seem to be having fun. With the wide array of age difference in the audience DJ Shamar did a fantastic job at keeping all the different age groups on the dancefloor at different times.

There were two highlights of the night the first one was when Kayla the bride was been thrown in the air by almost all the attendees at the wedding, she was a good sport about this, she was laughing and having fun the whole time. The second highlight was the two small kids between 7 and 10 years old that requested a song and danced to this song in the middle of the dance floor while everyone cheered them on. These kids were not shy to show their moves.

All in All Kayla and Tim's celebration of their union was phenomenal and everyone danced the night away and seemed happy at the end. I enjoyed the celebration and loved deejaying for such wonderful people. 

Thank you, Tim and Kayla!

Blogger for DJ Shamar L.L.C

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