About DJ Shamar



Presently DJ Shamar is a Wolfeboro DJ, Jackson DJ, and a New Hampshire DJ. DJ Shamar specializes in Wedding DJ, Prom Dj, Party DJ, and even a photo booth, check packages for more details.

DJ Shamar grew up listening and playing music in Jamaica, where he has been competing in music events since he was eight years old. He discovered his love for DJing at fourteen years old after being selected to play music at a birthday party for grown ups. His music made them dance and when he was about to stop they wanted more. Since then he started studying the dynamics of songs and how they blend.  

In college, DJ Shamar, moved to the United States, where he interned at a radio station in Geneva, NY. He picked up many lessons from this and was successful in furthering his DJ skills and career. However, upon graduating college, he took an hiatus from his DJ career. After a long break, DJ Shamar returned to his musical roots again. There were many changes and advancements that had been made since DJ Shamar last touched a turn table, with the help of one of his associates DJ Robby he got familiar with the newer turn tables. DJ Shamar invested in the best equipment on the market and learned how to use them. Now he is once again ready to bring original and exciting blends of music to weddings, parties, festivals, and radio.  DJ Shamar enjoys a vast range of musical styles and is able to blend different music together to get a pleasing sound. He is aware of his surroundings and plays music that is enjoyable to the audience, no matter the age group, gender, or ethnicity. He is also versed in applying his musical selection to the different styles of events. He has played at weddings, festivals, and college events. DJ Shamar is versatile in his style and his approach to music and keeping the crowd dancing.

DJ Shamar, L.L.C prides itself in providing customers with the best music entertainment for their need. For weddings DJ Shamar Entertainment provides three packages that will fit a variety of needs and budgets. For birthday parties and other events DJ Shamar provides two packages to give customer the ability to chose between the intensity of the party they want to have. For more information see Event Packages above. You can also rest assured that DJ Shamar, L.L.C has limited liability insurance.  

DJ Shamar, L.L.C has provided entertainment throughout New England. Hiring DJ Shamar for an event will guarantee that you will have a good time. DJ Shamar prides himself in leaving audiences with happy faces and tired feet. To hire DJ Shamar go to Contact.