Kerri Lee and Matt at The Barn on Moody Mountain Farm

September 15th, 2018, DJ Shamar Djed at Kerri Lee and Matt’s delightful wedding. When I first met with Kerri Lee and Matt, I liked them immediately their energy was calm, relaxed, but fun. Matt presented a sterner but laid back demeanor, while Kerri Lee presents a sweet, fun, and welcoming manner. I thought they made an excellent match. Similar to the other couple that I have consultations with Kerri Lee and Matt were a perfect match. Just like I have mentioned in previous blog entries: “Couples that land me as the DJ for their wedding is usually a perfect match for each other.” I say this to mean that, the energy of DJ Shamar, L.L.C attracts the long-lasting love-birds. The ones that are in it for the long haul. Kerri Lee and Matt look as if they were in it for the long haul. I remembered that Kerri Lee and Matt’s consultation was fun. We had a wonderful time talking and laughing while getting business done.

The music preference of this couple was more of a soft country before the beginning of the ceremony as the guess arrived. Kerri Lee was more into laid back and smooth country music especially as the crowd walks in before the start of the ceremony. She requested some great classic country music that was suitable for the occasion, so she did not need a lot of redirection on the type of music that she was or has chosen for the pre and post-ceremony celebration. For the dinner and reception music Kerri Lee and Matt, like more of a variety, even though soft cool country was still the order of the day. There were still some jazz and blues that made the request list during the dinner.

From the dinner and the speeches, we transitioned into the reception. Like every other great and happening reception, this reception was unique. DJ Shamar started the reception with Frank Sinatra songs and waltz old school hits. All the older folks and the younger folks who enjoy the classics were out on the dance floor, moving to the serene and mellow sound of the old school hits. Slowly, DJ Shamar mixed some rock and popular hits in the music selection. The floor became more populated with people of all different ages and size, little by little as the night progressed. The people sitting down was soon off their feet, and everyone was having a grand and spectacular time. The dance floor at the Barn at Moody Mountain Farm has a different style to it. It is somewhat sectioned off, and so different people can occupy the different areas of the dance floor.

In every wedding, there is something that is distinctive and memorable. It was no different with Matt and Kerri Lee’s wedding. The distinctiveness of this wedding was a pleasure to observe. However, because of this, I am happy that our default music at every wedding is always the clean version of the music (unless the couple requires otherwise), and these are the times when I am glad that this is one of the company’s rules. The most popular dancers on the dancefloor were kids, yes kids, ranging from the ages of 2 years of age to 18 years of age. The dancing at Kerri and Matt's wedding was so much fun to watch. Kids were dancing to jazz, waltzing, dancing to country, dancing to reggae, dancing to hip-hop, and dancing to pop, they were doing it all. The wedding guests were enjoying this to the maximum, making the energy of the party one of fun and enjoyment. At the end of the night, the dancefloor consisted of happy people from ages 2 to 67. It was a wedding for every generation. Thank you for having me at your amazing event, Kerri Lee and Matt.

Vendors DJ: DJ Shamar, L.L.C 80 Academy Drive Wolfeboro, NH, 03894

Wedding Venue: The Barn at Moody Mountain Farm 100 Pork Hill Rd, Wolfeboro, NH, 03894

Wedding Planner: Love Affair, LLC 36 Maplewood Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Dinner: Bayside Grille Restaurant 51 Mill St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Photographer: Caitlin Page Photograph Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.48.19 AM.png

Dancing With The Bride

Kids dancing with the bride.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.40.18 AM.png

The kids were the main attraction on the dance floor

DJ Shamar Dance Floor


You are never too little to dance.

DJ Shamar, L.L.C

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.39.41 AM.png

One of the sweetest bride ever. The kids loves her.

DJ Shamar Dance Floor.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.43.01 AM.png

And they dance!

Winter Feature: DJ Shamar At Brewster Prom 2018

DJ Shamar: Brewster Academy Prom 2018 at Bald Peak Colony Club in Melvin Village, NH 03850

DJ Shamar: Brewster Academy Prom 2018 at Bald Peak Colony Club in Melvin Village, NH 03850


The Beginning: The Non-Traditional Entry

The featured gig for today is the Brewster Academy 2018 Prom. The Brewster 2018 prom was held at the Bald Peak Colony Club in Moultonborough, New Hampshire, with the physical address at 180 Bald Peak Drive, Melvin Village, NH 03850. The Bald Peak Colony Club is a prim and proper well-groomed country club. The Brewster Academy Prom has been held at this country club for the past few years. The environment of this country club matches the personality of the Brewster Academy student.

As the attendees strolled into the banquet hall in their beautiful attire, with boys wearing jacket suits and tuxedo and girls wearing beautiful dresses the sweet calm music serenaded the attendees with soothing music. Some student peered up with their dates as they walked in, others were laxer, having their partner or Date behind them or in front of them.


Not walking side by side with your date is a weird activity that teenagers do that I do not understand, they will sometimes attend prom with someone and not spend any time with that person. Sometimes they don’t even sit around the same super table. The only activity that they would most likely do together takes pictures together at the promenade. The sound of sweat melodious music permeates the dinner hall, setting the mood of relaxation and elegance.

A Brewster Academy Senior With Two Dates

A Brewster Academy Senior With Two Dates

No Dates? Just Hangout with A Couple

At the beginning of the prom when the attendees are arriving, the music should be soft and at the volume where the attendees could converse. As a DJ you have to watch the environment and make sure you adjust your music to this environment and vibe. At the beginning of the prom DJ Shamar soft and tender music encourages conversation between the tables. Attendees laughed and talked; they nod their heads to the rhythm of the music that DJ Shamar played. It was evident that they were enjoying the music to the fullest even though it was soft and gentle music.

DJ Shamar Uplighting at The Prom

DJ Shamar uplighting added some sophistication to the environment of the Bald Peak Country Club banquet hall. The purple and soft pink add some warmth to the atmosphere. One of the attendees said, “wow, the color is beautiful, I like the pink with the purple.” The vibe and environment in the banquet hall were perfect for the beginning of a prom.

with gunner and Lamar.jpg
edited purple background.jpg

The Awkward Dance

Thirty to forty minutes in the prom the first toast was made by the 2018 class Prefect Dexter Hanson who made a toast to the great and united year that the class of 2018 enjoyed. After a couple more announcements they announce the Prom King and Queen. The Prom Queen, Brooke Samora was announced with the loud cheers of the prom attendees, it is evident that she is a favorite student among her peers. The next was the Prom King, as the name Sal Fabio came from the lips of the announcers, he received just as loud or even louder cheers as the Prom Queen. As the Prom King and the Prom Queen danced, it was one of those awkward moments when you are dancing with someone that you don’t want to dance with, but you like the person as a friend or a colleague. To make a long story short, it was an awkward dance, but both of them were having fun doing it. It was a rather humorous and liberating first dance.


Let’s Get It Started

After the humorous and fun King and Queen Dance, DJ Shamar transitioned into a tune that had 90 percent of the banquet hall on the dancefloor. Now the scene was set, and it was DJ Shamar time to do what he does best: Make People Dance! I could see the dancefloor getting more and more active.

By the time DJ Shamar played the tenth song the dancefloor became filled with dancers, and everyone was jumping and dancing to the great tunes and mixes of the DJ. One memorable and wild moment of the prom was when some of the attendees on the dancefloor started lifted one of their friends above their heads as they jumped and threw him up with joy and happiness.

Prom DJ: DJ Shamar At Brewster Academy Prom at Bald Peak Colony Club

Prom DJ: DJ Shamar At Brewster Academy Prom at Bald Peak Colony Club


It was a marvelous and enjoyable time at Ball Peak Colony Club with Brewster Academy. The attendees danced and danced and I could tell that this was another memorable prom for the books. The class of 2018 left with a smile on their face. They danced the night away and the last song DJ Shamar played was the class of 2018 class song, “Country Road” as the student hugged in a circle and sang to this emotional song. As they sang, you could see that they got closer at the moment and created a bond that happened at many proms.

Brewster Academy 2018 Prom at Bald Peak was a great prom, with many great and memorable moments and this will surely stay in the memory of the class of 2018. We create memories through the good times we have, and through the good times, memories become unforgettable.




Prom With DJ Shamar: Reminiscing On Prom Season In -16 degrees Fahrenheit

As I penned this article, prom season is a few months away. Yes, the yearning to write this article is because prom season is drawing near which means spring is near as well. I am already sick of this January cold, frigid and unforgivable winter temperatures. According to the weather report on my phone, it feels like -16 degrees Fahrenheit outside now. Despite this temperature outside, I will continue to reminisce about some of the past prom seasons, which means pass spring season, and the upcoming prom season, which means forthcoming spring season.

By this time in January, many high schools have already booked their prom date with DJ Shamar for the 2019 Prom season. On the other hand, I have had high schools that had their Proms on a Wednesday or even a Tuesday or Monday, and they booked with us a month out. Most Proms are on Saturdays. So, you never know, I might still be available, try your luck, it never hurts, shoot us an email or give us a call at 603-986-5030. As I sit here, I will go over some reasons that DJ Shamar is popular in the prom scene. There are three reasons why High Schools continue to book DJ Shamar year after year for their High School Senior Prom. I will go over three of the most popular reasons that high school seniors love to book DJ Shamar for their Prom. Please Note that the acquired information is from high school seniors who agreed to do a quick interview about DJ Shamar's performance at their Senior Prom.

Let’s start with the number three reason why DJ Shamar is a highly effective, fun, and regularly requested DJ for High School Proms in the New England states of New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), Vermont (VT), and Massachusetts (MA): The number three reason is DJ Shamar is approachable and flexibility. Most prom attendees mention that DJ Shamar is easy to approach and talked to, one prom goer says that DJ Shamar’s: “energy is inviting and welcoming, and when he went up to him to request a couple of songs, DJ Shamar was courteous and made sure that he got the names of the songs." The customer continued: "around ten minutes later he did a sick mix with the songs I requested; the place went crazy. People loved it so much. I am glad he was flexible and played my request.” DJ Shamar has been known to adjust to the type of audience he is playing for, at proms he is known for mixing the newest hits with the classics. His approachability and flexibility allows the audiences at Proms to communicate with him, and in turn making the party more tailored to the audience.

The number two reason why DJ Shamar is in such high demand and is so popular with proms is that of his professionalism. Many of the prom attendees who interviewed, talked about the professionalism of DJ Shamar. One prom attendee mentions: “DJ Shamar set up is beautiful and neat. His dancefloor lighting is fantastic, and my friends and I took so many pictures on the dancefloor because of how great we looked under the lights. It was such a great night, Thank You, DJ Shamar!!” We at DJ Shamar pride ourselves in our presentation, and so we have the various set up for different occasions. Our professionalism and elegant lighting is an integral part of our services. Customers enjoy and admire DJ Shamar exquisite set-up.

And now for the number one reason why DJ Shamar is so popular and is in such high demand for High School Proms in New England states like New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), Vermont (VT), and Massachusetts (MA), is that he provides an absolute fun and unforgettable environment. On a side note, DJ Shamar tend to stick to these new England states since they are in our 5hour one-way range travel maximum. These states are also filled with High Schools: from boarding schools to day schools to public high schools. These states are the foundation of the educational hub in the United States of America. Now back to the reasons: Almost everyone interviewed at the different proms in New England states like New Hampshire(NH) Maine (ME), Vermont (VT), and Massachusetts (MA) said that DJ Shamar selection of music and his presence was fun and memorable.

The tradition of prom is still practiced all over the United States. However, this practice is even more vibrant and celebrated in the New England States. Prom is one of the milestones that many teenagers and parents look forward to; it is a rite of passage, a cross over into adulthood, a ceremony celebrating the teen's entry into independence by an institution that molds their character and gives them their moral compass to navigate through life. DJ Shamar will be there to celebrate with you; we will be there to make you dance and be merry as you enter the doors of adulthood and independence.

As we continue the interview, and excited and please prom attendees give us their feedback one such interviewee said, “DJ Shamar brought the house down. People enjoyed themselves to the point where almost everyone was still on the dancefloor at the end of the night. Before we started hiring DJ Shamar, usually, most of us will be at home before the end of the prom. DJ Shamar has done a great job keeping us entertained for the entire time. Great Work DJ Shamar.” At DJ Shamar, we pride ourselves in entertaining and bringing fun to our audiences. We pride ourselves in making people dance.

Chelmsford High School 2018 Prom    :  200 Richardson Rd, North Chelmsford, MA 01863  Prom 2018   :   Atkinson Resort & Country Club   85 Country Club Dr, Atkinson, NH 03811

Chelmsford High School 2018 Prom : 200 Richardson Rd, North Chelmsford, MA 01863

Prom 2018 : Atkinson Resort & Country Club 85 Country Club Dr, Atkinson, NH 03811

Kingswood Regional High School   :  396 South Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894  Prom 2018   :   Mount Washington Cruises   211 Lakeside Ave, Laconia, NH 03246

Kingswood Regional High School: 396 South Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Prom 2018 : Mount Washington Cruises 211 Lakeside Ave, Laconia, NH 03246

DJ Shamar Prom Videos

2018 Prom Attire

Brewster Academy   :  80 Academy Drive Wolfeboro, NH 03894  2018 Prom:     Bald Peak Colony Club     180 Bald Peak Dr, Melvin Village, NH 03850

Brewster Academy: 80 Academy Drive Wolfeboro, NH 03894

2018 Prom: Bald Peak Colony Club 180 Bald Peak Dr, Melvin Village, NH 03850

Brewster Academy   :80 Academy Drive Wolfeboro, NH 03894   Prom 2018  :    Bald Peak Colony Club     180 Bald Peak Dr,Melvin Village, NH 03850

Brewster Academy :80 Academy Drive Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Prom 2018: Bald Peak Colony Club 180 Bald Peak Dr,Melvin Village, NH 03850

Kennett High School   :  409 Eagles Way North Conway, NH 03860  Prom 2018   :   Grand Summit Hotel at Attitash   104 Grand Summit Dr, Bartlett, NH 03812

Kennett High School: 409 Eagles Way North Conway, NH 03860

Prom 2018 : Grand Summit Hotel at Attitash 104 Grand Summit Dr, Bartlett, NH 03812

Kennett High School   :  409 Eagles Way North Conway, NH 03860  Prom 2018   :   Grand Summit Hotel at Attitash   104 Grand Summit Dr, Bartlett, NH 03812

Kennett High School: 409 Eagles Way North Conway, NH 03860

Prom 2018 : Grand Summit Hotel at Attitash 104 Grand Summit Dr, Bartlett, NH 03812

DJ Shamar, L.L.C at Live Well Farm in Maine for Jenn and Manny's Wedding

A Professional and experience DJ, DJ Shamar as Djed many weddings across New England. For Instance, DJ Shamar has Dj weddings in NH, New Hampshire, he has DJ weddings in Me, Maine, he has DJ weddings in Vt, Vermont. This particular wedding in the video was located at the beautiful and elegant Live Well Farm at 1583 Harpswell Neck Road, Harpswell, Maine 04079. Picking the right DJ or Band is important and for your wedding. I think everyone can agree on this consensus. Next to picking the right DJ or band is picking the right venue. Jenn and Manny nailed this aspect of their wedding. The energy at the wedding was spectacular, it matches and brought out the personality of the couple in the right amount of dosage. The word that comes to mind when I think about the venue with the presence of Manny and Jenn is balance.

At the start of the wedding I like to get queue in to the audience’s energy. The atmosphere was friendly and jovial, but I knew for this audience I would need to keep the liveliness up and maintained it for the few hours of dancing. Once, the couple did their dancing like I predicted the dancefloor became the main part of the wedding for the rest of the night. The music selection was a sweat blend of Haitian music, hip hop, R and B, and dancehall. It seems like all the guests were great dancers. They were all just moving freely with the music and did care what anyone else though about them. By the way, these are my type of dancers, that I enjoy when I DJ weddings or any other event. It is as if they themselves become part of the music. They become the music.

One of the dancefloor highlights when DJing this Maine wedding was the Mother son dance and the father daughter. Manny and Jenn picked the perfect song or songs for these dances, you could see the relation with their parents come out during these dances. Another dancefloor highlight of the evening was Manny showing off his dancing skills to the pleasure and cheerfulness of the guests. I honest was surprise, Manny is a great dancer. Nice Job Manny!!

All in all, this was an extremely magnificent and memorable wedding and it was wonderful to see two great people tied the knot. Manny and Jenn you guys are great. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play at such a perfect wedding.

Below are all the vendors that made such a spectacular event possible:


Venue: Live Well Farm | Event Coordination: Purple Orchid Events | Catering: Pizza By Fire | Photography: Jessie Dineen | Rentals: Coastal Maine Canopies, Marshall Tent & Event | Music: DJ Shamar, L.L.C | Beauty: Katie Pottle | Florals: Campbell’s Floral Design | Bartending: Topshelf Server

DJ Shamar, L.L.C Parties

DJ Shamar provides your party with a DJ that is tailored to fit your party needs. We fill your party needs by providing you with DJ Services, Photo Booth rental, up light rental, and any type of lighting that will add some spunk to your party event with DJ Shamar. Our service areas are located in New Hampshire, where we provide DJ, Photo Booth, and Lighting services for your party needs. Maine, where we also offer you DJ, Photo Booth, and up lighting services for all your party needs. Vermont, we provide a wide array of DJ, Photo Booth, and up lighting services for a wide variety of parties. Massachusetts is a strong supporter of DJ Shamar, DJ Services, Photo Booth or Mirror Booth services, most people from MA always book the combination package of DJ Services, Photo Booth or Mirror Booth services. From Bar Mitzvah to Bat Mitzvah, DJ Shamar will provide DJ services and photo booth services. If you are doing a summer camp party or a sweet sixteen party, our DJ services, and photo booth services will bring your party to the next level. If you are looking for a top quality DJ and an original and show-stopping photo booth or mirror booth for your party needs, then book DJ Shamar today. Book DJ Shamar as soon as possible especially if you are booking on the weekend. All these dates are in high demand. Consequently, whether you need a DJ in New Hampshire, a DJ in Vermont, a DJ in Maine, or a DJ in Massachusetts, DJ Shamar will bring your party to the next level. The pictures on this article are parties in many different areas of new england.

The first picture is a picture taken at a wedding with a wonderful couple on their new years eve wedding:
Burke Mountain Hotel & Conference Center
2559 Mountain Rd,
East Burke, VT 05832

The second set of pictures are pictures taken at a school dance. Brewster Academy has been a DJ Shamar supporter since day one. DJ Shamar is officially the school DJ, and has provided many services to this wonderful school:

Brewster Academy,
80 Academy Drive,
Wolfeboro, NH, 03894

The third set of pictures are pictures taken at a wedding on a wonderful property belonging to one of the couple's grandparents. They danced the entire time:

City or town hall in Brookline,
1 Main Street
P.O. Box 360
Brookline, NH 03033-0360

The fourth set of pictures are pictures from a memorable night playing at the Franklin and Pierce Alumni weekend celebration. It was an abundance of activities and fun, and it was great to see pass college students reliving their college days. The alumni party was held on:

Franklin Pierce University
40 University Drive
Rindge, NH

Franklin and Pierce have campuses all over New Hampshire and alumni from all these campuses and schools attended this event that DJ Shamar played. They have campuses at:

Franklin Pierce at Manchester
670 North Commercial Street
Center Tower, Third Floor
Manchester, NH 03101

Franklin Pierce at Portsmouth
119 International Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Franklin Pierce at Lebanon
24 Airport Road, Suite 19
West Lebanon, NH

The final set of pictures are shots from the Wolfeboro party machine, the winni belle or official known as the Winnipesaukee Belle which host nemerous parties in the summer. DJ Shamar is usually on the Winnipesaukee Belle every other Thursdays, come dance and enjoy glorious views of lake Winnipesauke. You can visit the home of the Winni Belle at:
Winnipesaukee Belle
90 North Main St.
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

DJ SHAMAR , L.L.C Working at Haillie and Nate’s wedding at Burke Mountain Hotel at East Burke, VT 05832

DJ SHAMAR , L.L.C Working at Haillie and Nate’s wedding at Burke Mountain Hotel at East Burke, VT 05832

Gig-ventures: Message From A Bride: The Mirror Booth(Photo Booth of All Photo Booths).

Have you ever been to a wedding with a photo booth? It’s one of the elements that gives that special touch to a wedding. I love creating memories with my friends and how much fun is it to be able to wear silly hats and get into the party vibe with a few photos I can bring home at the end of the night. While I’ve been to a lot of weddings with a DIY photo booth, the experience of having a mirror photo booth is much more exciting. For one, it’s interactive, which means I can sign my name or write a short message on the mirror and second, it allows me to see myself in the photo to make sure that I create just the right pose with my friends. It’s great entertainment for anyone to enjoy—young and old! A mirror photo booth at a wedding because it gives guests a fun activity to do during the evening. DJ Shamar’s mirror photo booth looked so professional and instantly printed the photos I wanted to keep. Hoping to have another experience with this again soon! Definitely going to recommend it to my friends. ~Anonymous

Events where DJ Shamar Mirror Booth: Execuive Court Banquet Facility 1199 South Mammoth Rd. Manchester, New Hampshire 03109

Grace Restaurant 15 Chestnut Street Portland, ME 04101

Huggins Hospital 240 South Main Street Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Abenaki Ski Area 84 South Main St P.O. Box 629, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire 03894