Kerri Lee and Matt at The Barn on Moody Mountain Farm

September 15th, 2018, DJ Shamar Djed at Kerri Lee and Matt’s delightful wedding. When I first met with Kerri Lee and Matt, I liked them immediately their energy was calm, relaxed, but fun. Matt presented a sterner but laid back demeanor, while Kerri Lee presents a sweet, fun, and welcoming manner. I thought they made an excellent match. Similar to the other couple that I have consultations with Kerri Lee and Matt were a perfect match. Just like I have mentioned in previous blog entries: “Couples that land me as the DJ for their wedding is usually a perfect match for each other.” I say this to mean that, the energy of DJ Shamar, L.L.C attracts the long-lasting love-birds. The ones that are in it for the long haul. Kerri Lee and Matt look as if they were in it for the long haul. I remembered that Kerri Lee and Matt’s consultation was fun. We had a wonderful time talking and laughing while getting business done.

The music preference of this couple was more of a soft country before the beginning of the ceremony as the guess arrived. Kerri Lee was more into laid back and smooth country music especially as the crowd walks in before the start of the ceremony. She requested some great classic country music that was suitable for the occasion, so she did not need a lot of redirection on the type of music that she was or has chosen for the pre and post-ceremony celebration. For the dinner and reception music Kerri Lee and Matt, like more of a variety, even though soft cool country was still the order of the day. There were still some jazz and blues that made the request list during the dinner.

From the dinner and the speeches, we transitioned into the reception. Like every other great and happening reception, this reception was unique. DJ Shamar started the reception with Frank Sinatra songs and waltz old school hits. All the older folks and the younger folks who enjoy the classics were out on the dance floor, moving to the serene and mellow sound of the old school hits. Slowly, DJ Shamar mixed some rock and popular hits in the music selection. The floor became more populated with people of all different ages and size, little by little as the night progressed. The people sitting down was soon off their feet, and everyone was having a grand and spectacular time. The dance floor at the Barn at Moody Mountain Farm has a different style to it. It is somewhat sectioned off, and so different people can occupy the different areas of the dance floor.

In every wedding, there is something that is distinctive and memorable. It was no different with Matt and Kerri Lee’s wedding. The distinctiveness of this wedding was a pleasure to observe. However, because of this, I am happy that our default music at every wedding is always the clean version of the music (unless the couple requires otherwise), and these are the times when I am glad that this is one of the company’s rules. The most popular dancers on the dancefloor were kids, yes kids, ranging from the ages of 2 years of age to 18 years of age. The dancing at Kerri and Matt's wedding was so much fun to watch. Kids were dancing to jazz, waltzing, dancing to country, dancing to reggae, dancing to hip-hop, and dancing to pop, they were doing it all. The wedding guests were enjoying this to the maximum, making the energy of the party one of fun and enjoyment. At the end of the night, the dancefloor consisted of happy people from ages 2 to 67. It was a wedding for every generation. Thank you for having me at your amazing event, Kerri Lee and Matt.

Vendors DJ: DJ Shamar, L.L.C 80 Academy Drive Wolfeboro, NH, 03894

Wedding Venue: The Barn at Moody Mountain Farm 100 Pork Hill Rd, Wolfeboro, NH, 03894

Wedding Planner: Love Affair, LLC 36 Maplewood Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Dinner: Bayside Grille Restaurant 51 Mill St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Photographer: Caitlin Page Photograph Wolfeboro, NH 03894

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Dancing With The Bride

Kids dancing with the bride.

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The kids were the main attraction on the dance floor

DJ Shamar Dance Floor


You are never too little to dance.

DJ Shamar, L.L.C

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One of the sweetest bride ever. The kids loves her.

DJ Shamar Dance Floor.

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And they dance!