Winter Feature: DJ Shamar At Brewster Prom 2018

DJ Shamar: Brewster Academy Prom 2018 at Bald Peak Colony Club in Melvin Village, NH 03850

DJ Shamar: Brewster Academy Prom 2018 at Bald Peak Colony Club in Melvin Village, NH 03850


The Beginning: The Non-Traditional Entry

The featured gig for today is the Brewster Academy 2018 Prom. The Brewster 2018 prom was held at the Bald Peak Colony Club in Moultonborough, New Hampshire, with the physical address at 180 Bald Peak Drive, Melvin Village, NH 03850. The Bald Peak Colony Club is a prim and proper well-groomed country club. The Brewster Academy Prom has been held at this country club for the past few years. The environment of this country club matches the personality of the Brewster Academy student.

As the attendees strolled into the banquet hall in their beautiful attire, with boys wearing jacket suits and tuxedo and girls wearing beautiful dresses the sweet calm music serenaded the attendees with soothing music. Some student peered up with their dates as they walked in, others were laxer, having their partner or Date behind them or in front of them.


Not walking side by side with your date is a weird activity that teenagers do that I do not understand, they will sometimes attend prom with someone and not spend any time with that person. Sometimes they don’t even sit around the same super table. The only activity that they would most likely do together takes pictures together at the promenade. The sound of sweat melodious music permeates the dinner hall, setting the mood of relaxation and elegance.

A Brewster Academy Senior With Two Dates

A Brewster Academy Senior With Two Dates

No Dates? Just Hangout with A Couple

At the beginning of the prom when the attendees are arriving, the music should be soft and at the volume where the attendees could converse. As a DJ you have to watch the environment and make sure you adjust your music to this environment and vibe. At the beginning of the prom DJ Shamar soft and tender music encourages conversation between the tables. Attendees laughed and talked; they nod their heads to the rhythm of the music that DJ Shamar played. It was evident that they were enjoying the music to the fullest even though it was soft and gentle music.

DJ Shamar Uplighting at The Prom

DJ Shamar uplighting added some sophistication to the environment of the Bald Peak Country Club banquet hall. The purple and soft pink add some warmth to the atmosphere. One of the attendees said, “wow, the color is beautiful, I like the pink with the purple.” The vibe and environment in the banquet hall were perfect for the beginning of a prom.

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The Awkward Dance

Thirty to forty minutes in the prom the first toast was made by the 2018 class Prefect Dexter Hanson who made a toast to the great and united year that the class of 2018 enjoyed. After a couple more announcements they announce the Prom King and Queen. The Prom Queen, Brooke Samora was announced with the loud cheers of the prom attendees, it is evident that she is a favorite student among her peers. The next was the Prom King, as the name Sal Fabio came from the lips of the announcers, he received just as loud or even louder cheers as the Prom Queen. As the Prom King and the Prom Queen danced, it was one of those awkward moments when you are dancing with someone that you don’t want to dance with, but you like the person as a friend or a colleague. To make a long story short, it was an awkward dance, but both of them were having fun doing it. It was a rather humorous and liberating first dance.


Let’s Get It Started

After the humorous and fun King and Queen Dance, DJ Shamar transitioned into a tune that had 90 percent of the banquet hall on the dancefloor. Now the scene was set, and it was DJ Shamar time to do what he does best: Make People Dance! I could see the dancefloor getting more and more active.

By the time DJ Shamar played the tenth song the dancefloor became filled with dancers, and everyone was jumping and dancing to the great tunes and mixes of the DJ. One memorable and wild moment of the prom was when some of the attendees on the dancefloor started lifted one of their friends above their heads as they jumped and threw him up with joy and happiness.

Prom DJ: DJ Shamar At Brewster Academy Prom at Bald Peak Colony Club

Prom DJ: DJ Shamar At Brewster Academy Prom at Bald Peak Colony Club


It was a marvelous and enjoyable time at Ball Peak Colony Club with Brewster Academy. The attendees danced and danced and I could tell that this was another memorable prom for the books. The class of 2018 left with a smile on their face. They danced the night away and the last song DJ Shamar played was the class of 2018 class song, “Country Road” as the student hugged in a circle and sang to this emotional song. As they sang, you could see that they got closer at the moment and created a bond that happened at many proms.

Brewster Academy 2018 Prom at Bald Peak was a great prom, with many great and memorable moments and this will surely stay in the memory of the class of 2018. We create memories through the good times we have, and through the good times, memories become unforgettable.