Treely’s Bar Mitzvah: The Talented Bunch

Pictures of Event Below

She said, “you were recommended to me on Facebook. I ask on my timeline if anyone know of any DJ in the area and quite a few people mentioned you; DJ Shamar.” These words were the first step in hire DJ Shamar, L.L.C for Treely’s Bar Mitzvah, in Gloucester, MA, 01930. The date she wanted was June 9. I doubt I had that available I thought to myself, since I pretty much have almost all the Saturdays in the summer booked up. I went through the Calendar and looked just to make sure. As I checked, I noticed that I was available for that Saturday in June, but the notes said I was in the process of booking with another client. As I always tell my clients: You do not have your date secure until you paid the deposit. So technically this date was free. I relayed the message of date security to Treely’s mother, and she wasted no time and secured the spot as soon as she got off the phone.

On our way to Gloucester, MA the drive was beautiful, especially coming up on the event location. One memorable sight was the ginormous wind Mill, I never seen such a beautiful landscape decorated with windmills. What is rather weird to me was that these windmills didn’t seem to disturb the beauty of the landscape. They added originality and uniqueness to the scene. This was not what I expected has I always thought that a windmill on a beautiful landscape would be an eye sore. Clearly this was not the case. As we approached the venue, I could smell the aroma of the ocean. A smell I am use to from being from Jamaica, and living next to the ocean. I figured at that moment as I was driving that the venue was going to be having ocean view.

Arriving at the venue in this quaint New England town the first person I met was Treely’s dad. He was a laid back and personable guy with a great sense of humor. He just had a way of phrasing words that add humor to his tone. His presence and energy was inviting and calm, and he was easy to be around. I recall that in the moment I met Treely’s father, I thought about talking to his mother over the phone, “her presence was similar to his” I thought to myself. They were great people and it is always a plus when you have great people as clients.

Treely’s friends and family was a talented group of people. While I was setting up the DJ section, one of the members of Treely’s friends and family was singing as they set up the table and decorate the eating era. She had a beautiful singing voice. Her voice was so beautiful I waited to do a sound check, because I did not want her to stop singing. Later on into the bar mitzvah, Treely’s friends, who were all part of the school band, did a wonderful compilation of the “Hava Nagila.” It was an incredible rendition and I could see that Treely enjoyed this rendition.

After all the formalities and wonderful speeches and songs It was time for dancing, and dance they did. Treely’s friends and family appreciates music from every era. I had 10-year-old kids requesting songs that 50 year olds usually requests. The kids even know the words of some of these oldies, which was impressive in itself. The kids were also great dancers who has original moves. It was fun to see the attendees enjoying themselves. The dance floor was diverse and animated and some of the songs resulted in some lip sync action, with the mic in their hands. This was awesome to watch.

The man of the day, Treely himself seemed to be having a good time with his friend. He danced now and again, and socialized with his friend now and again. He was a great host, not seem to leaving anyone by themselves. Treely’s parents were also welcoming and accommodating and I could see them making sure that all their guess is in need of nothing. For the last couple hours, the dancefloor was full and people of all ages where having fun. Treely’s bar mitzvah in Gloucester, MA, 01930 was phenomenal. People had a lot of fun, and at the end of the event, I thought this event was a lot of fun. At the end of the party some of the attendees said to me, “I have not dance this much in years, thank you for a wonderful night.” I was pleased with this event and I thoroughly enjoyed the night. Treely’s Bar Mitzvah was a successful event.

Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah Treely!!