DJ Shamar, L.L.C Parties

DJ Shamar provides your party with a DJ that is tailored to fit your party needs. We fill your party needs by providing you with DJ Services, Photo Booth rental, up light rental, and any type of lighting that will add some spunk to your party event with DJ Shamar. Our service areas are located in New Hampshire, where we provide DJ, Photo Booth, and Lighting services for your party needs. Maine, where we also offer you DJ, Photo Booth, and up lighting services for all your party needs. Vermont, we provide a wide array of DJ, Photo Booth, and up lighting services for a wide variety of parties. Massachusetts is a strong supporter of DJ Shamar, DJ Services, Photo Booth or Mirror Booth services, most people from MA always book the combination package of DJ Services, Photo Booth or Mirror Booth services. From Bar Mitzvah to Bat Mitzvah, DJ Shamar will provide DJ services and photo booth services. If you are doing a summer camp party or a sweet sixteen party, our DJ services, and photo booth services will bring your party to the next level. If you are looking for a top quality DJ and an original and show-stopping photo booth or mirror booth for your party needs, then book DJ Shamar today. Book DJ Shamar as soon as possible especially if you are booking on the weekend. All these dates are in high demand. Consequently, whether you need a DJ in New Hampshire, a DJ in Vermont, a DJ in Maine, or a DJ in Massachusetts, DJ Shamar will bring your party to the next level. The pictures on this article are parties in many different areas of new england.

The first picture is a picture taken at a wedding with a wonderful couple on their new years eve wedding:
Burke Mountain Hotel & Conference Center
2559 Mountain Rd,
East Burke, VT 05832

The second set of pictures are pictures taken at a school dance. Brewster Academy has been a DJ Shamar supporter since day one. DJ Shamar is officially the school DJ, and has provided many services to this wonderful school:

Brewster Academy,
80 Academy Drive,
Wolfeboro, NH, 03894

The third set of pictures are pictures taken at a wedding on a wonderful property belonging to one of the couple's grandparents. They danced the entire time:

City or town hall in Brookline,
1 Main Street
P.O. Box 360
Brookline, NH 03033-0360

The fourth set of pictures are pictures from a memorable night playing at the Franklin and Pierce Alumni weekend celebration. It was an abundance of activities and fun, and it was great to see pass college students reliving their college days. The alumni party was held on:

Franklin Pierce University
40 University Drive
Rindge, NH

Franklin and Pierce have campuses all over New Hampshire and alumni from all these campuses and schools attended this event that DJ Shamar played. They have campuses at:

Franklin Pierce at Manchester
670 North Commercial Street
Center Tower, Third Floor
Manchester, NH 03101

Franklin Pierce at Portsmouth
119 International Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Franklin Pierce at Lebanon
24 Airport Road, Suite 19
West Lebanon, NH

The final set of pictures are shots from the Wolfeboro party machine, the winni belle or official known as the Winnipesaukee Belle which host nemerous parties in the summer. DJ Shamar is usually on the Winnipesaukee Belle every other Thursdays, come dance and enjoy glorious views of lake Winnipesauke. You can visit the home of the Winni Belle at:
Winnipesaukee Belle
90 North Main St.
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

DJ SHAMAR , L.L.C Working at Haillie and Nate’s wedding at Burke Mountain Hotel at East Burke, VT 05832

DJ SHAMAR , L.L.C Working at Haillie and Nate’s wedding at Burke Mountain Hotel at East Burke, VT 05832

Gig-ventures: Message From A Bride: The Mirror Booth(Photo Booth of All Photo Booths).

Have you ever been to a wedding with a photo booth? It’s one of the elements that gives that special touch to a wedding. I love creating memories with my friends and how much fun is it to be able to wear silly hats and get into the party vibe with a few photos I can bring home at the end of the night. While I’ve been to a lot of weddings with a DIY photo booth, the experience of having a mirror photo booth is much more exciting. For one, it’s interactive, which means I can sign my name or write a short message on the mirror and second, it allows me to see myself in the photo to make sure that I create just the right pose with my friends. It’s great entertainment for anyone to enjoy—young and old! A mirror photo booth at a wedding because it gives guests a fun activity to do during the evening. DJ Shamar’s mirror photo booth looked so professional and instantly printed the photos I wanted to keep. Hoping to have another experience with this again soon! Definitely going to recommend it to my friends. ~Anonymous

Events where DJ Shamar Mirror Booth: Execuive Court Banquet Facility 1199 South Mammoth Rd. Manchester, New Hampshire 03109

Grace Restaurant 15 Chestnut Street Portland, ME 04101

Huggins Hospital 240 South Main Street Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Abenaki Ski Area 84 South Main St P.O. Box 629, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire 03894

New Hampshire DJ- First 2016 Bridal Show at the Wolfeboro Inn

On February, 21st the Wolfeboro Inn put on its first bridal show event of the 2016 season. This event was planned by wedding coordinator Nicole Gosselin, who did an excellent job of giving guests a taste of what they might experience if they have their wedding at the Wolfeboro Inn. As a DJ, I attended the event to share with potential wedding couples my services.

The room was inviting. Beautiful blue up lighting provided by the Wolfeboro Inn, captured the feeling of a traditional winter wedding and added to a calm atmosphere. The ballroom tables were draped in bright white table clothes, with a golden lining. Wedding couples were able to move throughout the room and see the possibilities for their own event plans. As I set up my DJ decorations, I chose to use my white façade to match the theme of the room. Since the afternoon was primarily focused on the appetizers, formal dinner choices, and dining possibilities, I chose to start my set with smooth jazz and American standards, styles of music which evokes feelings of calm and love. Jazz tends to be an excellent choice for formal dinners or cocktail hours as it allows for a subtle mood that gives guests opportunities to engage in conversation. Because I only had two hours to showcase my set, I chose to break my set up into four distinct styles. After playing classic and contemporary jazz, I blended in classic dance music, which includes frequent requests for the first dance. The third part of the set consisted of R&B, soul, and country music. I finished my performance with more modern music styles, such as modern hip-hop, pop, house, and reggae. These styles are most often requested for the dancing of guests at a wedding. As I played I could see people moving in their seats in rhythm with the music. At the end I was grateful for the positive interactions I had with the guests and pleased to see so many people excited by the event. Nicole did an amazing job of planning this event and for those of you who missed it, mark your calendars for March and book soon before the next event is filled!

The Wolfeboro Inn Party 2015:

The Wolfeboro Inn celebrated their end of year employee party on January 3rd 2016. With a carnival themed party many attendees were dressed like a character or a person you would see at a carnival. The room was well decorated and gives the feel of a mini carnival setting. The display of food and beverages were well decorated, appealing, and appetizing. The party started with the guest treating themselves to finger food, and mild conversations, as they wait for the evening’s presentation. At the DJ Booth, DJ Shamar played mellow music from all eras as people arrived at the party dressed in their carnival costumes.

As the event continued the wonderful and dedicated employee of the Wolfeboro Inn were treated to a presentation describing the wonderful job that they have all done as an establishment during the 2015 seasons. The presentation includes the success they had with wedding in 2015, their many positive reviews on wedding wire, the behind the scenes people that made all these weddings a success and a smooth and memorable moment for the guests and host. One memorable wedding story that stood out was how a particular baker saved a cake and in return saved the wedding for both the Bride and Groom. The presentations were engaging and entertaining the host did a wonderful job hosting this event. They were funny and enjoyable and did a great job engaging their fellow employee.

Another part of the Wolfeboro Inn employee party that was entertaining was the Spinning wheel game, the raffle, and the balloon game. These games saw many winners and employees left with many gifts and prizes. The spinning wheel game was the hit for the night. Some people got prizes while some had to perform a task. The people that received the prizes from the drawings naturally, seem to be much happier than the people who had to do the task.In any event it was all in the name of fun and everyone was certainly enjoying themselves.

In the last two hours of the night the dance floor came alive and DJ Shamar delivered a great performance. The Wolfeboro Inn employees sure know how to party, they danced to the many party songs that were played and made the dance floor a fun and enjoyable night. Some of the highlights of the dance floor were from Songs like David Guetta, Rihanna, Lil Jon, Madonna, Taylor swift, 50 cent and much more.

The party at the Wolfeboro Inn was a great night that celebrated the wonderful and hard working people at the Wolfeboro Inn. One thing for sure is that the Wolfeboro Inn has some dedicated and hard working employee. It was heart warming to see that the Wolfeboro Inn values their employee and game them a wonderful night of partying and celebration. I enjoyed playing at this party and the employees at the Wolfeboro Inn are some of the nicest and most caring people around. Even when they were inebriated they were very conscientious partiers. It was awesome to play at this party and see hard working people let their hair down and have some fun. Wolfeboro Inn institution is lucky to have people like that working for them. I was honored to play at their employee party. As one of my favorite person at the Wolfeboro Inn said, “DJ Shamar, you did a fabulous job, all the employees were really tiered from having so much fun from dancing, Awesome Job DJ.” Thank you for having me play at your employee party Wolfeboro Inn it was awesome.

Why does a wedding cost more than a Party?

As a DJ I often encounter this question. It’s hard to see a higher price for a wedding than party when you are looking to hire a DJ. The reality is that a wedding takes a lot more work than a party. When you are looking for music for a wedding the needs are more complicated. If you are playing during the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing there are several different needs for the same event. Most of the songs will need to be selected in advance and flow into the overall experience to create the music that shapes the sentiment of the event. This is why wedding are often booked three to five months in advance. Additionally, weddings involve more contact with the customers than other events. Usually a DJ will meet or call a couple several times to coordinate the details and the level of services required. Usually I spend 8-16 hours a week for the two months leading up to the wedding to create a range of musical possibilities. While I will not have the time to play all the sets I create, it gives me flexibility to respond to the needs of the audience and work in the set music that has been request. There is also a lot of pressure at a wedding for everything to go perfectly---you want to create a once in a lifetime experience for the couple and this takes time, effort, and talent.

Parties also require planning, but tend to be less pressure and more flexible. Generally parties are booked a month in advance and while there is a set preference for types of music to play and specific songs requested, there is a lot more freedom in the music genres and styles being played. While parties also require planning, they tend to be less formal and one of the most important qualities in a DJ is responding to the crowd. Each party has its own personality and your DJ will need to account for this. Sometimes your budget will determine what you can do. In these cases talk to the DJ you hope to hire. See if you can negotiate a price that will suit both your needs and that of the DJ you are hiring. A good DJ will know the limits of what they can do and may be able to offer suggestions and/or recommendations.

DJ For Hire

DJ for Hire-As I scrolled through google to look at the DJ rates and prices of other professionals in New Hampshire, I kept wondering to myself whether some poor customer will look for the best price and end up disappointed. As a DJ I often put myself in the customer’s shoes and think about the cost and value of services in my industry. There are a lot of great DJs in New Hampshire and I have great respect for many people working in my field. However, there is a range of experience in DJs and vast differences in the equipment, amount of music, and lighting services that each DJ is able to provide. So how do you decide who to hire? When planning a party or event you need to be confident in the entertainment provided.

Price-DJ equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain. Becoming a DJ is not a cheap venture and requires equipment that can stand the wear and tear of travel, performance, and use. Also the sound quality of speakers, woofers, and microphones vary, so you may want to consider hiring a DJ with mid-to-top line equipment for your event. There is nothing worse than poor sound quality at your event! Here is the break down of costs for good quality equipment for a DJ. A high quality, clear sounding set of speakers typically costs between $1600-$3000 and top line mixers range from $2500-$5000. If your DJ provides lighting the equipment costs over $2000 depending on the lighting effects you want. Uplighting is particularly expensive, but looks fantastic in most spaces. These prices so not include cords, microphones, music, transportation cases, or the cost to purchase the insurance for these items. Usually a DJ with higher quality equipment will need to price their services accordingly. When you hire a DJ ask about their equipment. Will it fulfill the needs of your party? Think about lighting. What do you need? Can your DJ provide this for your event? If the prices seem out of your range call the DJ and see if you can negotiate a fair price for your needs at an event.

Time-In order to provide a high quality service for customers a DJ should plan and practice for his events. You need someone who can tailor the music to your event and this take time. You probably do not want a DJ who plays the same mix every time and who can learn your music requests beforehand. The amount of practice required for a big event is significant and takes a lot of effort to create a good flow of music. While some music will be planned ahead of time, your DJ should have a vast knowledge of the music in his collection to be able to incorporate tunes that will match the needs of your guests. You want someone who has the time to learn music, know the patterns, and match music. A professional DJ spends hours practicing each

Quality-When you are looking to hire a DJ, check their reviews and see what people are saying about them. E-mail them to get a sense of their experience and talents. Each DJ has his or her own unique signature and style, so try to find one that matches your own. Think about the value for the service they will provide and try to find one that suits both the price you are looking for and the quality that you will need to make your event special.