DJ For Hire

DJ for Hire-As I scrolled through google to look at the DJ rates and prices of other professionals in New Hampshire, I kept wondering to myself whether some poor customer will look for the best price and end up disappointed. As a DJ I often put myself in the customer’s shoes and think about the cost and value of services in my industry. There are a lot of great DJs in New Hampshire and I have great respect for many people working in my field. However, there is a range of experience in DJs and vast differences in the equipment, amount of music, and lighting services that each DJ is able to provide. So how do you decide who to hire? When planning a party or event you need to be confident in the entertainment provided.

Price-DJ equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain. Becoming a DJ is not a cheap venture and requires equipment that can stand the wear and tear of travel, performance, and use. Also the sound quality of speakers, woofers, and microphones vary, so you may want to consider hiring a DJ with mid-to-top line equipment for your event. There is nothing worse than poor sound quality at your event! Here is the break down of costs for good quality equipment for a DJ. A high quality, clear sounding set of speakers typically costs between $1600-$3000 and top line mixers range from $2500-$5000. If your DJ provides lighting the equipment costs over $2000 depending on the lighting effects you want. Uplighting is particularly expensive, but looks fantastic in most spaces. These prices so not include cords, microphones, music, transportation cases, or the cost to purchase the insurance for these items. Usually a DJ with higher quality equipment will need to price their services accordingly. When you hire a DJ ask about their equipment. Will it fulfill the needs of your party? Think about lighting. What do you need? Can your DJ provide this for your event? If the prices seem out of your range call the DJ and see if you can negotiate a fair price for your needs at an event.

Time-In order to provide a high quality service for customers a DJ should plan and practice for his events. You need someone who can tailor the music to your event and this take time. You probably do not want a DJ who plays the same mix every time and who can learn your music requests beforehand. The amount of practice required for a big event is significant and takes a lot of effort to create a good flow of music. While some music will be planned ahead of time, your DJ should have a vast knowledge of the music in his collection to be able to incorporate tunes that will match the needs of your guests. You want someone who has the time to learn music, know the patterns, and match music. A professional DJ spends hours practicing each

Quality-When you are looking to hire a DJ, check their reviews and see what people are saying about them. E-mail them to get a sense of their experience and talents. Each DJ has his or her own unique signature and style, so try to find one that matches your own. Think about the value for the service they will provide and try to find one that suits both the price you are looking for and the quality that you will need to make your event special.