Hospitality in New Hampshire from a DJ’s Perspective

New Hampshire provides a perfect setting for weddings, parties, and proms. It is a state with incredible scenery so it’s no surprise that many hotels have taken advantage of its natural beauty. Several hotels have the distinction of a rich history as places for city-dwellers to spend the summer in the countryside, such as the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods and the Mountain Grand Resort and Spa in Whitefield, NH. I am based out of Wolfeboro, NH, which has the honor of being “the oldest summer resort in America.” Each season brings its own possibilities and opportunities for events. From the spectacular foliage of the fall to the warm buds of flowers in the spring, it can offer a wide range of settings from outdoor parties to romantic getaways.

As a DJ in New Hampshire I have experienced working in many settings and finding the right location for your event is a must. Depending on your event and your guests, it will be crucial to find a space that allows for your dreams to come alive. As a DJ I always appreciate the ways hotels provide space that allows for excellent acoustics and discrete places to power lights and equipment. Also, the little details that hotels are able to provide at an event can really enrich the experience. For example, at my own wedding at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, New Hampshire, the color of the linens, the cocktails on the front porch, the accommodations available for my family and the excellent view for wedding photography sealed the deal for our choice to hire their wedding planner. Also, I loved that we could move from our meal into a separate space for our wedding party. At the time my wife wanted to hire live music and I agreed. We spent a long time finding a band that could play the music we wanted and paid about $2,500 for this band to travel to our wedding venue. Unfortunately between arriving late and then needing to set up, the flow of our wedding didn’t go as planned. While our wedding was incredible and we loved our experience celebrating our day, I think if we could do it over again we’d hire a DJ. The live music was awesome, but having a wide range of music could have given more life to the party and gotten more of our guests, both young and old, dancing.

While I have experienced several venues around Wolfeboro, I think some of my favorites are The Wolfeboro Inn and The Old Church. These are fantastic places to plan events. While I only provide music and entertainment, I can say that my work with these two places have been fantastic.

The Wolfeboro Inn- located on Main Street in Wolfeboro, it is an elegant hotel that captures all that the town of Wolfeboro has to offer. The Wolfeboro Inn is located on Lake Winnipesaukee and has a property with access to the Lake and is within walking distance of the Downtown. It is an ideal place to stay if you want to experience the lake life in Wolfeboro in the comforts of a well-established hotel. The Wolfeboro Inn is also the owner of theWinnie Bell boat, which host cruises in the summer around Lake Winnipesaukee.

As a DJ in Wolfeboro, I have had the opportunity to play at the Wolfeboro Inn and on the Winnie Bell. Both these venues are marvelous to perform in as a DJ. The Wolfeboro Inn is well versed in accommodating formal and casual events of any size. The ballroom downstairs is quite large can provide a great space for setting up both lighting and a DJ Booth that can fit the style of your event. For formal events it is the perfect place for up lighting as the room will take on the color for a beautiful effect. The room also provides a great space for sound that is crisp and clear and can be heard throughout the room. Upstairs in the 1812 room, there is a space for intimate events such as small private parties or weddings. The bar is a fantastic place for casual events such as parties. In this space there is a smaller dance floor. While it is a suitable location for music, it is also a place for conversations and dancing.

The Winnie Bell is another great place to hear music. Being on a boat makes it a fun experience and it has its own distinct atmosphere and feeling. You can spend time outside enjoying drinks, conversations, dancing and good music. The boat rides last for a couple hours and is usually high energy and fun. These boat rides are packed with people who came on the Winnie Bell to experience the Lake while they dance. Being a DJ on the Winnie Bell during the summer has always been an enjoyable experience and both visitors and locals alike participate in the events. The Winnie Bell is a must if you are visiting Wolfeboro New Hampshire for the first time during the summer.