Behind the Mixer: Being a Wedding DJ

If you were do ask someone, “What is the job of a wedding DJ?” most people would respond that it is to entertain guests. While this is correct, there is much more to being a wedding DJ. A wedding DJ’s biggest job is to implement the vision of the wedding couple by creating a fun dance mix that brings all the guests to their feet and makes the celebration memorable. Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience, so having the right DJ can make couples feel assured that their special day will be perfect. The initial meeting is crucial for hiring a DJ who can add the personal touches to your day that will make it meaningful to you. The emotions for a wedding couple can range from eager anticipation to feeling completely overwhelmed. Usually it is helpful to think through how you want your wedding day to feel like. What is the theme of your wedding? How can the music support this theme and get your guests feeling comfortable? As a professional and experienced wedding DJ, it is my job to guide you through the process of selecting music. Remember that hiring a DJ means that there will be a mixture of planned songs and spontaneity; you will need someone who can play the songs you love, while also making sure to respond to the needs of your guests. If you’re not sure what music you would like, it’s often helpful to look through the popular wedding music lists provided by your DJ to give you some ideas. Remember a good DJ is there to focus on bringing your dreams for your wedding to life in the music!

Preparation and Communication: Constant preparation and communication is a key ingredient to ensuring you get exactly what you are looking for from your wedding DJ. You should schedule at least one meeting, preferably in person or via online or phone communication, before your wedding. Before you meet with your DJ, discuss with your fiancé the styles of music you would like to include or if there are any songs you want on the Do Not Play list. After the first meeting, most communication will be done via e-mail or phone conversations,however if you have additional ideas or major changes to your wedding playlist you may want to schedule a second meeting. You should expect communication with your DJ on a regular basis until your event. Remember you are the stars of your day and DJs are the musical directors.

Providing a lasting memory: A DJ’s goal for every wedding is for audience members to say, “that was a spectacular wedding!” All DJ who play at weddings,proms, and parties should aim for creating a memorable experience. Each event you play should be different and the music should reflect this. It’s crucial for each member of your event to appreciate the experience of being there and to create fond memories. An experienced DJ can really make your event one that stands out.

Adaptation and Spontaneity: These are two of the most important skills that a DJ should possess. As a DJ planning for a set can take hours, however, sometimes you might plan for a set and the mood and tone of the event is total different from what you originally presumed. This is when your daily practice and years of experience will come in. In situations like these you always have to go with the flow and observe the mood of the crowd. Some DJ’s feel the need like they need to take center stage; these DJs will play music just because they spent hours planning the layout of the music, but ignore the needs of the crowd. As a DJ it’s important to think about the making the experience take center stage and put personal preferences aside. All DJs should realize that there are times when you will need to make adjustments to your set in response to your audience’s preferences. The point of performing at an event is not to hear yourself play, but to entertain and satisfy the needs of your audience.

End on a Positive Note: Always stay positive and professional. The DJ is providing a service and it is important to recognize that each DJ must do his or her best to satisfy their customers. Read carefully through the contract and make sure you understand the responsibilities of hiring a DJ. It’s best to clearly outline circumstances ahead of time as well as the timeline for payment. Setting clear expectations and goals for your event can make everyone’s experience better!