Good Friends are Like Family.

Everyone knows that music can make or break a wedding or prom, and that a good DJ makes all the difference in the world. But what about for something a little outside the box, like a family gathering or a fundraiser?

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a fundraiser for a good friend’s sister. She had been diagnosed with late stage cancer, but according to my friend, she was in good spirits but just needed some financial support to get through the days. I watched as our little town pulled together to donate food, drinks, desserts, silent auction items, even the adorable rustic barn space where the party was held was donated. DJ Shamar was on hand to provide music for the evening – also donated.

It was an event that celebrated life, love, friendship, and family, and though it could have taken on a very dark mood given the prognosis of her illness, my friend’s sister shone like a beacon at that party. One could see her spirits lift through the hugs of friends and family, and even from those who had only just met her that evening. The silent auction, donations at the door, and an online campaign yielded just over $5000, and we were able to provide, in that short evening, a way to lift the financial burden that had weighed heavily on her heart.

My friend’s sister, herself incredibly caring and generous, was able to enjoy a carefree, wonderful evening in a beautiful atmosphere only made better with the right combination of music, food, friends and family.