How To be a Good Wedding Guest

We all have that one friend we hesitate to put on the guest list. The one that you loved to dare to dance on tables, the one that you had to drag out of the bar before he got sick, the one who spun old ladies on the dance floor only to drop them.Secretly, we hope we never have “that guy” as a guest at our wedding.

Here are a few pieces of advice from experienced wedding guests:

  1. Good wedding guests don’t grab the mic during the maid of honor’s speech. I don’t care how good your Lionel Richie impression is and “how much the groom would want me to do this right now,” do not do this.

  2. Good wedding guests keep the dance floor going. There is a reason your friends getting hitched hired a good DJ. Bring out your shopping cart, sprinkler, and YMCA human lettering.

  3. Good wedding guests do great things in the photo booth you’ve hired. Some of the best wedding photos come from people getting together to take great pictures in the photo booth. And the photographer knows well enough to edit out the ones of Uncle Carl lifting up his shirt to show his belly button ring.

  4. Good wedding guests take pictures of the bride and groom that the photographer might miss. Stealing kisses in the hallway before being introduced, quiet moments together at dinner – some of the best wedding photos have come from friends who have caught the bride and groom while the photographer was on break.

  5. Good wedding guests don’t ask to bring more guests. This is a major sticking point. If your invitation doesn’t indicate a plus one, or doesn’t include your daughter’s best friend, don’t invite him/her along. That’s just inconsiderate.

  6. Good wedding guests make sure the bride and groom eat. When we got married, we were so busy talking, socializing, dancing, or taking pictures, we forgot to eat! I’ll never forget how grateful I felt when my girlfriends handed over a plate stacked with all the apps from cocktail hour – we’d missed all that food taking pictures!

  7. Good wedding guests bite their tongues. Even if you don’t like the dude your girlfriend is marrying, do not pick their wedding day to let them know. This also relates to #1.

  8. Good wedding guests go with the flow. Seated at a table with strangers? No problem. Only single person invited to the wedding? Go with it. DJ not feelin’ the crowd? Help the dude out and request a song you know will get the party poppin’. You can help improve your own situation in the face of wedding “adversity.”In short, don’t be “that guy” we can’t put on our invite list. Be the guy everyone wants at their wedding! There’ll be more parties and great food in your future!