Gig-ventures: Message From A Bride: The Mirror Booth(Photo Booth of All Photo Booths).

Have you ever been to a wedding with a photo booth? It’s one of the elements that gives that special touch to a wedding. I love creating memories with my friends and how much fun is it to be able to wear silly hats and get into the party vibe with a few photos I can bring home at the end of the night. While I’ve been to a lot of weddings with a DIY photo booth, the experience of having a mirror photo booth is much more exciting. For one, it’s interactive, which means I can sign my name or write a short message on the mirror and second, it allows me to see myself in the photo to make sure that I create just the right pose with my friends. It’s great entertainment for anyone to enjoy—young and old! A mirror photo booth at a wedding because it gives guests a fun activity to do during the evening. DJ Shamar’s mirror photo booth looked so professional and instantly printed the photos I wanted to keep. Hoping to have another experience with this again soon! Definitely going to recommend it to my friends. ~Anonymous