The Wolfeboro Inn Party 2015:

The Wolfeboro Inn celebrated their end of year employee party on January 3rd 2016. With a carnival themed party many attendees were dressed like a character or a person you would see at a carnival. The room was well decorated and gives the feel of a mini carnival setting. The display of food and beverages were well decorated, appealing, and appetizing. The party started with the guest treating themselves to finger food, and mild conversations, as they wait for the evening’s presentation. At the DJ Booth, DJ Shamar played mellow music from all eras as people arrived at the party dressed in their carnival costumes.

As the event continued the wonderful and dedicated employee of the Wolfeboro Inn were treated to a presentation describing the wonderful job that they have all done as an establishment during the 2015 seasons. The presentation includes the success they had with wedding in 2015, their many positive reviews on wedding wire, the behind the scenes people that made all these weddings a success and a smooth and memorable moment for the guests and host. One memorable wedding story that stood out was how a particular baker saved a cake and in return saved the wedding for both the Bride and Groom. The presentations were engaging and entertaining the host did a wonderful job hosting this event. They were funny and enjoyable and did a great job engaging their fellow employee.

Another part of the Wolfeboro Inn employee party that was entertaining was the Spinning wheel game, the raffle, and the balloon game. These games saw many winners and employees left with many gifts and prizes. The spinning wheel game was the hit for the night. Some people got prizes while some had to perform a task. The people that received the prizes from the drawings naturally, seem to be much happier than the people who had to do the task.In any event it was all in the name of fun and everyone was certainly enjoying themselves.

In the last two hours of the night the dance floor came alive and DJ Shamar delivered a great performance. The Wolfeboro Inn employees sure know how to party, they danced to the many party songs that were played and made the dance floor a fun and enjoyable night. Some of the highlights of the dance floor were from Songs like David Guetta, Rihanna, Lil Jon, Madonna, Taylor swift, 50 cent and much more.

The party at the Wolfeboro Inn was a great night that celebrated the wonderful and hard working people at the Wolfeboro Inn. One thing for sure is that the Wolfeboro Inn has some dedicated and hard working employee. It was heart warming to see that the Wolfeboro Inn values their employee and game them a wonderful night of partying and celebration. I enjoyed playing at this party and the employees at the Wolfeboro Inn are some of the nicest and most caring people around. Even when they were inebriated they were very conscientious partiers. It was awesome to play at this party and see hard working people let their hair down and have some fun. Wolfeboro Inn institution is lucky to have people like that working for them. I was honored to play at their employee party. As one of my favorite person at the Wolfeboro Inn said, “DJ Shamar, you did a fabulous job, all the employees were really tiered from having so much fun from dancing, Awesome Job DJ.” Thank you for having me play at your employee party Wolfeboro Inn it was awesome.