Helpful advice for hiring a wedding DJ:

1) Share your vision: know what genres of music you'd like to hear and bring a few examples of songs you'd love to have played during your event. Keep in mind that part of the fun of a party comes with the special blend of music that is played and having some songs set ahead of time is important, but you will not want to plan every song as this will not allow the DJ to bring in music that your guests may enjoy as well. Also know whether you would like for your guests to be able to make requests for music.

2) Know when you would like your music played: Have a sense of the times when different music genres will be appropriate. Will you need cocktail hour music? Will music be played during your dinner? Are you planning music during the ceremony? How long will you need music for entertainment? What music would you like to hear for your first dance?

3) Determine whether there are songs you do not want to be played and share these with your DJ. Do you want to avoid any specific genres? Will you be okay with lyrics that include profanity?

4) Plan ahead. Meet with your DJ a least a month ahead of time if not three months ahead of the event so there is time to put together the best possible event. Remember there may be songs that you request that your DJ may not be familiar with and it's important to have time to be able to mix it into the overall flow of your music. You may also want to determine whether there are any special needs for your wedding. Do you need a wireless mic? Will you space pose any challenges for the set-up for the event?

5) Book Early. If you have already selected your date, it will be important to book your DJ as early as possible especially if your wedding falls on a weekend. It's common for DJ's to be booked six months to a year in advance.

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