Prom DJ

Finding a DJ for a Prom:

Celebrating Prom is one of those special occasions you will remember throughout your life; it represents one of the many transitions into adulthood. Because Proms are formal events with a younger audience, it's important to find a DJ who understands how to bring guests to their feet. Prom events are one of DJ Shamar's fortes. He prides himself in being able to reach this audience as he always keeps up with the most popular trends in music and understands how to incorporate contemporary songs, whether mainstream or underground. Because the music scene at the high school age changes so quickly, it's important to select a DJ who can reach this audience. As you think about hiring a prom DJ you may want to consider the following factors:

1) Do you have a theme for your prom? Would you like for your music to fit this theme? Do you have any requests of music your students would like to have played?

2) What times will music be played? Will there be a dinner hour with music played?

3) What is your policy on profanity in lyrics? Are there any songs on the Do Not Play list?

4) Will you allow for students to make music requests during the evening?

5) Do you have any other special needs for this event? Lighting, wireless mic, etc.