Halloween At The Kingswood Golf Club-#Wolfeboro

The Wolfeboro Nursery School held their yearly Halloween dance party at the Kingswood Golf Club. The many costumes at this party were phenomenal and fun. From the Egyptian couple to the Gorilla and Banana couple to the princess in the white dress. All these costumes were realistic and well- done.

The party started with warm-up tunes from Flume and Chet Faker. It did not take long for us to start high-intensity dancing. This crowd was fun to DJ for they loved to dance and loved to have fun. They are a positive bunch who dances the night away. Some of the dance moves on the dance floor were nothing but awesome. People requested the songs that they loved and then got in the middle of the dance floor and danced to their requested songs. People were moved by the music and they showed it by being on the dance floor all night.

The most requested and biggest song of the night was Macklemore's Downtown. Nearly the entire party was on the dance floor when this song was played. Everyone knew the words and everyone knew the dance moves. People absolutely went crazy when this song went on. This song was such a big hit that I played it twice and the party was fired up both times. 

All in all this Halloween party was dynamic and the costumes and people's positive attitude were my favorite part of the night. It is always nice to do parties with awesome people, who loves to party and loves to dance.

DJ Shamar L.L.C-Blogger