Prom DJ

Prom DJ

Finding a DJ for a Prom: Celebrating Prom is one of those special occasions you will remember throughout your life; it represents one of the many transitions into adulthood. Because Proms are formal events with a younger audience, it's important to find a DJ who understands how to bring guests to their feet. Prom events are one of DJ Shamar's fortes. He prides himself in being able to reach this audience as he always keeps up with the most popular trends in music and understands how to incorporate contemporary songs, whether mainstream or underground. Because the music scene at the high school age changes so quickly, it's important to select a DJ who can reach this audience. As you think about hiring a prom DJ you may want to consider the following factors: 

1) Do you have a theme for your prom? Would you like for your music to fit this theme? Do you have any requests of music your students would like to have played? 

2) What times will music be played? Will there be a dinner hour with music played? 

3) What is your policy on profanity in lyrics? Are there any songs on the Do Not Play list? 

4) Will you allow for students to make music requests during the evening? 

5) Do you have any other special needs for this event? Lighting, wireless mic, etc

Some of the popular prom areas in New Hampshire that DJ usually frequent, including myself, are areas that have high schools. So prom DJ, will be a proms DJ in Wolfeboro NH, prom DJ in Exeter NH, prom DJ in Meredith NH, prom DJ in Portsmouth NH, prom DJ in Jackson NH, prom DJ in Concord NH, prom DJ in Derry NH, prom DJ in Dover NH, prom DJ in North Conway NH, prom DJ in Conway NH, prom Dj in alton NH, prom Dj in Gilford NH, Prom dj in Lincoln NH, and in general a prom DJ in new Hampshire, one must be ready for any of the contemporary tracks whether it is a track that is already popular or a track that is not yet popular but will becoming popular. Teenagers are always up on the latest trends and music and the latest trends and music changes by the day. 

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Tips for renting a photo booth:
1) Where will you set up the photo booth at your event? Try to find a space where people can easily congregate and use the booth. Remember simple backgrounds and signs work best.
2) What props would you like to have? Will you bring your own special props for your guests to use? Think about whether you'd like to have a theme for your props. Often the way to make your photo booth experience special is to use props that are personalized to the theme or style of your event. DJ Shamar will be happy to help you with this process for an added fee.
3) Plan ahead. Know the length of time you will need the photo booth for and whether you will have it available the entire evening or for a limited length of time.
Photo Booth is a hot commodity and a lot of people like having them at their events. I have seen Photo Booth rentals for wedding in NH, Photo Booth rentals at NH parties, Photo Booth rentals for proms in nh, Photo Booth rental in Wolfeboro, Photo Booth in Wolfeboro NH, Photo Booth in Jackson NH, Photo Booth in Portsmouth NH, Photo Booth in Meredith NH, Photo Booth in Gilford NH, Photo Booth in Concord NH, Photo Booth in Gorham NH, Photo Booth at Mount Washington NH, Photo Booth in Bretton Woods NH. Wherever, I have seen these Photo Booth in New Hampshire people are always having fun and it seems like an equipment that incite laughter and fulfillment in its users. DJ Shamar provides photo booth rental for weddings in NH, Photo Booth rental for Bar/Bat Mitzvah in NH, Photo Booth rental for prom in NH, Photo Booth rental for corporate events, Photo Booth rental for Banquets and fundraisers, Photo Booth rentals for all Parties and events. So Photo Booth rental is a nice addition to bring more flavor and enjoyment to your event while getting a chance to capture your memories.


Helpful advice for hiring a wedding DJ:

Helpful advice for hiring a wedding DJ:

1) Share your vision: know what genres of music you'd like to hear and bring a few examples of songs you'd love to have played during your event. Keep in mind that part of the fun of a party comes with the special blend of music that is played and having some songs set ahead of time is important, but you will not want to plan every song as this will not allow the DJ to bring in music that your guests may enjoy as well. Also know whether you would like for your guests to be able to make requests for music.

2) Know when you would like your music played: Have a sense of the times when different music genres will be appropriate. Will you need cocktail hour music? Will music be played during your dinner? Are you planning music during the ceremony? How long will you need music for entertainment? What music would you like to hear for your first dance?

3) Determine whether there are songs you do not want to be played and share these with your DJ. Do you want to avoid any specific genres? Will you be okay with lyrics that include profanity?

4) Plan ahead. Meet with your DJ a least a month ahead of time if not three months ahead of the event so there is time to put together the best possible event. Remember there may be songs that you request that your DJ may not be familiar with and it's important to have time to be able to mix it into the overall flow of your music. You may also want to determine whether there are any special needs for your wedding. Do you need a wireless mic? Will you space pose any challenges for the set-up for the event?

5) Book Early. If you have already selected your date, it will be important to book your DJ as early as possible especially if your wedding falls on a weekend. It's common for DJ's to be booked six months to a year in advance.

Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

Choosing a Wedding DJ: Using a Wedding DJ that is well-versed in all genres and style of music is crucial to a successful and unforgettable wedding. As you select the music for your wedding you will need to trust that your DJ will play music that will fit the tone and atmosphere of your wedding and get everyone up on the dancefloor. A DJ plays an integral role in bringing the fun and enjoyment to the wedding event for all of your guests. As a wedding DJ in New Hampshire I have served a wide audience for events and understand the importance of giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy their experience. Some wedding DJs focus on the behavior of the audience in response to the music style, while other wedding DJs focus on bringing the guests to the music. There are several DJs in New Hampshire Wedding and it will be crucial to find someone you connect with and can trust. Each DJ brings their own style to their wedding events and you should think about someone who will have the ability to find the perfect balance between your vision for the wedding and the music that will entertain your audience. Each DJ brings their own style to the event. DJ Shamar has the ability to move within several styles and often blends them to make a mix that will fit your event and make it special. DJ Shamar is a wedding DJ who alway strives “the fun of dancing” to his audiences.

About Weddings

New Hampshire Weddings/Weddings in NH: Choosing a location for a wedding can be a difficult process. There are so many factors to consider: geographic location, atmosphere of your venue, and whether it will fit into your vision for your special day. New Hampshire provides a beautiful place for you to plan your wedding. From the rustic feel of a lakeside venue to the majestic mountains in the north, to the ocean views at the seacoast, New Hampshire has a variety of locations that will fit your wedding feel. Many couples choose to have their Wedding in New Hampshire for the beauty of the surrounding landscape whether the wedding is held outside on at one of the many hotels in the region. The small New England town feel of New Hampshire makes it a comfortable place for guests to visit during your wedding and for your wedding photos to feel special. While New Hampshire has several picturesque towns, some of the most popular locations for weddings include Mt. Washington Valley, the Lakes Region, and the Seacoast. Here are some towns that couples often chose for their weddings: Seacoast and Merrimack Valley: Portsmouth NH, Rye NH, Exeter NH, Durham NH Dover NH, Derry NH. Lakes Region: Wolfeboro NH, Meredith NH, Hampton Beach NH, Windham NH, Laconia NH, Brookfield NH, Mirror Lake NH, Tuftonborough NH, Moultonborough NH. White Mountains and Great North Woods: Jackson NH, Bartlett NH, North Conway NH, Conway NH, Gorham NH, Whitefield NH, Bethlehem NH, Littleton NH, Bretton Woods NH, Franconia NH, Sugar Hill NH, Lincoln NH, Hanover NH. Other locations: Concord, NH.

Part of the reason many couples fall in love with New Hampshire locations is the incredible mood that is set by our many seasons. Weddings happen year round in this state because the seasons often capture the tone you want to set for your wedding. For example, the natural beauty of winter, spring, summer, and fall can add to the overall feel of your wedding.

DJ Geography

If you want to party to the right music to ensure foot stomping , body shaking fun with pumped up music, then DJ Shamar is the right guy for you. With years of DJ experience catering to a variety of weddings, proms, parties and social events DJ Shamar ensures the latest mixes and blends of hip-hop, pop, country, house music, edm, rock and others.  He gives you the opportunity to rock to the sounds of his own musical experiences. DJ Shamar provides services for the following

Weddings ·  Proms ·  PHOTO BOOTH ·   Bar/Bat Mitzvah ·  School Parties ·  BirthdayParties· Corporate Parties ·  Cruise ·   Karaoke · All other events

A DJ in New Hampshire, DJ Shamar provides DJ services that covers Wolfeboro NH, Portsmouth NH,  Conway NH, North Conway NH, Durham NH, Plymouth NH, Concord NH,  Mt. Washington NH, Jackson NH,  Exeter NH,  Laconia NH, Lincoln NH, Franconia NH,  Hampton Beach NH, Alton NH, Gilford NH, Littleton NH, Rye NH, Windham NH, Dover NH, Derry NH, Lebanon NH, and Hanover NH. His main offices of operation and contacts are located in Wolfeboro NH, Hanover NH, and Jackson NH. DJ Shamar has travelled far and wide taking shows to the masses with the latest music and photo booth rental withthe areas that are covered . These areas range from Wolfeboro NH, to Durham NH, toPortsmouth NH, to Mount Washington NH and from Jackson, NH to Hanover, NH and from Hanover NH to Concord NH. While Djing is DJ Shamar's passion DJ Shamar also enjoys visiting the various locations in New Hampshire. Every wedding, proms, and party always have something unique to offer, and the DJ Shamar team looks forward to embracing these uniqueness. His passion and enthusiasm to provide customers with the best music for their events, drives him to be the best DJ he can be. He practices constantly to keep up with new styles and make original and creative mixes to satisfy a wide span of audiences.